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This is a great tool we use to communicate with parents, teachers, school administrators as well as the school office. It's as easy as texting!! 

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Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year. After a crazy year of COVID we are praying that this year will be smooth. Whatever may come, the Empire Staff are ready to provide an excellent education for your student. Some things to know about this school year and to take note of:

We will no longer be wearing standard student attire (SSA), or uniforms. You are welcome to come to school sporting your very own clothing style. Please remember that there are some conditions and you can find those on the CCSD website under school board policies. If your student happens to come to school in an outfit that is not in accordance with the policy, we will help them to get clothing for the remainder of the day.

Empire is a Governor’s Designated STEM School, the only one in the Carson City School District. This means that we will be integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in to everything we do at school. You will see activities happening for students that may be different from anywhere else. We will provide family nights for you to join in the fun as well.

Please be sure to sign up for Parent Square, as this is how we best communicate with families.

At Empire, we believe in the Power of Yet: Your Relationships, Exceeding Expectations, Tackling Challenges. We hope that you will help your students with these expectations at home as well.

Welcome back to a wonderful school year filled with learning, happiness, and fun.  

Susan Squires

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Student birthdays are celebrated at Empire Elementary on the third Friday of each month.   There are a couple of variations due to Christmas and Spring Breaks. 
 Please be sure to bring a healthy snack in individual portions. 
Here is our the 2021-22 Birthday Celebration schedule

September ---  Friday, September 17th
October  --  Friday, October 15th
November  --  Friday, November 19th
December -- Thursday, December 16th 
January --- Friday, January 21st
February --- Friday, February 18th
March --- Friday, March 18th
April -- Friday, April 22nd
May --- Friday, May 20th